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Why Choose the Foot Health Clinic & Custom Orthotics?

Ajai Rooprai and Associates
“We cure because we care.”

When you choose The Foot Clinic, you will receive the highest standard of foot care.

Years of Experience in the Field

When I established this clinic in 1995, I had already worked at Peel Memorial Hospital Brampton and spent 13 years with TEGH. I have been affiliated with The Foot Clinic since 2007. We have almost 50 years’ combined experience in both institutional and private settings.

The Latest Equipment

I have advanced training in treating wounds (IIWCC). The clinic is fully equipped to deal with diabetic foot assessment and wound care, such as Doppler, F-Scan for pressure mapping, off-loading custom orthotics, prescription antibiotics and various wound dressings.

I have set up a surgical suite, which is equipped to do most soft-tissue surgical procedures such as handling ingrown toe nails, cyst/ganglion, Mucoid cysts, warts, painful corns, correction of mobile digital deformities such as bunions/hammer toe, and nail removal. We also have shock wave therapy for chronic plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, metatarsalgia, Morton’s neuroma and tendinitis.

Convenient Hours

This clinic operates independently of any company or family practice. Our clinic has two full-time and one back-up chiropodist, with early morning and late evening hours to accommodate your schedule.

We Tailor Our Treatment to You

The Foot Health Clinic & Custom Orthotics provides comprehensive treatment plans / options to every patient. We give new patients ample time to ensure their needs are addressed. We offer a full scope of practice, from palliative care to surgical procedures.

No Referral Needed

We prefer M.D. referrals, but they are not a requirement. We are accepting new patients.

We Handle the Insurance

We deal with all insurance companies, so that your family doctor does not have to write the orthotic prescription. We provide orthotic prescriptions, biomechanical assessments and gait analysis reports or any other paperwork required by your insurance.

Please contact Foot Health Clinic & Custom Orthotics if you need more information or to make an appointment.

Ajai Rooprai, B.Sc., D.Pharm, IIWCC, D.Ch.
The Foot Clinic

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