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Find Solutions For Your Foot Problems Including Flat Feet in Brampton

As your foot specialist, Foot Health Clinic & Custom Orthotics can provide customized treatment for your biomechanical problems in Brampton. Working with athletes and people of all walks of life, we will alleviate your pain and improve function through proven treatments. Problems with your feet will affect the rest of your body and diminish your overall quality of life. Our chiropodists can fit you with orthotics and treat a variety of biomechanical foot problems such as flat feet in Brampton. We provide care for patients all over the GTA.

Symptoms of flat feet can include back pain, leg pain, achy feet, swelling and difficulty in moving feet.  Call us today to start treatment for flat feet in Brampton. 

We are capable of treating the following biomechanical issues:

  • Bunions / hallux valgus

  • Flat feet

  • Sport related injuries

  • High arch foot

  • Claw toes & hammer toes

  • Pronated foot

  • Shin splint

  • Low back pain

We provide care for patients all over the GTA

Licensed Podiatrists and Foot Surgeons

Over time, bone deformities in your feet become more pronounced and cause more pain. You don’t have to live with the pain from heel spurs or hammertoes when orthotics and other treatments have failed. Our licensed chiropodist is a foot surgeon who performs procedures for improved aesthetics and foot function. Consult with our chiropodists about surgical corrections that include hammertoe repair, neuroma removal, and heel spur excision.

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Our Products

Trust our proven products to enhance your treatment.

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