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Foot Treatment in Brampton Customized to You

Foot Health Clinic & Custom Orthotics will reduce your pain and increase comfort through specialized treatments customized to your condition. Whether you need orthotics or treatment for an ingrown toenail, we deal with a wide range of issues. While chiropodists are not covered by OHIP, most private plans do include some coverage. Our office will help you with any insurance questions you might have. We are pleased to work with Indian Affairs and the DVA. We’ve found that many patients come to us with misconceptions regarding foot treatment and how to deal with their condition. We’ve discussed a few examples below; come to us for foot treatment in Brampton.

Footwear and Foot Problems

While footwear may be the cause of many issues with your feet, buying expensive shoes doesn’t mean you will enjoy good foot health.

Cortisone Injections

Foot Health Clinic believes cortisone injections have a place in foot care but more conservative therapeutic measures will often bring the same results.

Heel Pain Is Not Always Plantar Fasciitis

There are several conditions that mimic plantar fasciitis which may need different treatment. The experienced chiropodists at Foot Health Clinic have the knowledge to determine the proper treatment for your feet.

Rest assured that your feet will be in good hands at Foot Health Clinic. Our experienced chiropodists are able to provide:


Find out how our orthotics can help you. Call us today.

Our Products

Trust our proven products to enhance your treatment.

foot massage

We have experience treating the following conditions:

Ingrown toenails
Fungal nails
General nail care
Diabetic care
Rheumatoid arthritis
Immunocompromised diseases
Peripheral vascular disease
Dry, cracked heel
Athlete’s foot
Bunion/hallux valgus
Flat feet
Sport related injuries
High arch foot
Claw toes and hammer toes
Pronated foot
Shin splint
Low back pain
Paediatric care
Biomechanical and gait analysis
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