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Foot Surgery Solutions & More in Brampton

Find relief from painful foot conditions with a range of surgical options provided by Foot Health Clinic & Orthotics in Brampton. If you’re tired of living with foot pain and considering surgical relief, we can help you make an informed decision. Our chiropodists perform surgical procedures to correct foot ailments including removal of neuroma, correction of ingrown toenails and correction of an arthritic big toe. Years on your feet take its toll. We’ll be happy to discuss your options for a range of conditions from bunions to hammertoes.

Learn more about the various procedures we perform and the conditions we treat through the helpful information on this page. To schedule your personalized consultation, call the clinic today.

Basic Principles of Surgery

  • Proper clinical setting, equipment and support staff

  • Patient’s history, assessment and proper diagnosis

  • Patient’s understanding of the procedure, risk factors, post-op recovery and prognosis

  • Plan the procedure ahead of time

  • Informed consent

  • Skin preparation, sterile environment, safe use of equipment, post op-bleeding, care and dressing

  • Handle the skin and tissue with upmost respect

  • Post op instructions and care till wound is completely healed

Reoccurring IGT Nails — Etiology

Causes for reoccurring ingrown toenails include:

  • Failed previous PNA 

  • Poor footwear -acquired 

  • Underlying biomechanical factor – unilateral OC 

  • Hyperhidrosis 

  • Involution – Smoking and respiratory disorders 

  • Malnutrition 

  • Heredity

Winograd Procedure for Ingrown Toenails

A number of conditions can contribute to the occurrence of ingrown toenails, including poor footwear, heredity, hyperhidrosis, malnutrition, and more. The Winograd procedure addresses the problem of ingrown toenails by removing the ingrown portion of the nail to prevent recurrence.


  • Recurrence of ingrown toenail

  • Excessive HG tissues present

  • Periungual skin hypertrophy

  • Conventional PNA attempted and failed

  • Best for long term comfort and appearance

  • First choice solution of most surgeons

Digital Mucoid Cysts

Mucoid cysts are associated with irregular, satellite-shaped fibroblasts that are dispersed in a Myxomatous stroma surrounded by the normal dermal tissue

There are two variations:
1. Occurs over the joint capsule

2. Proximal to the nail folding

Scar Tissue

Scars are an inevitable result of injury/trauma or surgery, and are never entirely predictable. Normal scars are typically thin, soft and pliable, of a normal skin colour, and are asymptomatic. Some surgical procedures will result in healing with a pathological scar formation.

Surgical Removal of Painful HK Scar Tissue

  • 58-year-old patient with left heel pain from prior injury to foot

  • WE — packaging on her feet with safety footwear

  • Very active lifestyle, BMI of 23

  • ROS — HT and high TG

  • Meds — HCTZ and Lipitor, allergic to Sulpha group

  • Patient preparation for procedure — supine position, LA, pre-op and ankle tourniquet applied