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Improve Your Balance With Custom Orthotics in Brampton

While orthotics can be essential in resolving foot pain, they are sometimes over prescribed by various health care providers. Not everyone needs an orthotic. Foot Health Clinic & Custom Orthotics, your Brampton foot specialist, will determine if an orthotic is right for you.

Orthotics are part of a treatment plan, and not just insoles. They are dispensed by various practitioners with different levels of competency. Chiropodists and podiatrists have extensive knowledge of biomechanics and are the most qualified to prescribe and dispense orthotic devices. Most insurance companies require biomechanical assessment, gait analysis and a prescription written by the chiropodist.

We have extensive knowledge of biomechanics. Here are some facts about orthotic devices:

  • Biomechanical devices are made from negative casts to improve foot biomechanics

  • Orthotics are an integral part of the treatment of lower extremities dysfunction and poor foot biomechanics

  • Orthotics should be prescribed after proper biomechanical assessment and gait analysis

  • Plaster of Paris casting is still considered a gold standard

Types of orthotic devices:

  • Functional / biomechanical – improve foot biomechanics

  • Accommodative – balance plantar pressure

  • Re-distribute the body weight over feet

  • Deflect pressure from painful lesions and adapt to foot changes

  • Paediatric – to address rotational problems, flat feet and growing pain

If you require more information about orthotic devices, please contact our clinic.

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