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Professional Nail Care For Ingrown Toenails & More in Brampton

With over four decades of combined experience, the skilled chiropodists of Foot Health Clinic & Custom Orthotics are well-versed in handling a range of nail care issues. Whether you are visiting us for surgery consultation of need treatment for an ingrown toenail, our Brampton clinic team is ready to assist you. Let us reduce your pain and improve the appearance of your feet.

We treat the following nail care conditions:

  • Ingrown toenails

  • Fungal nails

  • General nail care

  • Diabetic/high risk nail care

Ingrown Toenails

While the old-fashioned wedge resection is becoming less popular, newer and less painful surgical procedures have taken their place. Keep in mind that not all ingrown nails require a surgical intervention. If you are dealing with pain and discomfort and visit us for your ingrown toenail, the team at our Brampton clinic will find the proper treatment for you.

Thick Nails

It’s important to note that not all thick nails have a fungus. There are several causes of thick, hard nails. If you do have fungal nails, they do not respond to topical preparations. However, simple care can bring relief to painful toes.

Contact our team today for more information to alleviate discomfort from your fungus or ingrown toenails by visiting our Brampton clinic.

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Our Products

Trust our proven products to enhance your treatment.

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