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Our 2 full-time chiropodists accept appointments from 7:30 AM to 7:00 PM to meet the needs of your busy schedule. Book an appointment with our caring team in Brampton.

Foot Health Clinic & Custom Orthotics

About Us

We provide professional and experienced care for your feet.



We are qualified to prescribe and dispense orthotics.

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Our Products

Trust our proven products to enhance your treatment.

Foot Health Clinic & Custom Orthotics: Brampton’s Foot Specialists

At Foot Health Clinic & Custom Orthotics in Brampton, we are proactive and not just reactive when it comes to your foot care. We deal with all of your immediate foot concerns, such as simple nail and callus care, to more complex biomechanical flaws and high risk wound healing. Let us give you a new level of comfort and improve your overall quality of life.

Our skilled chiropodists will give you the advice, care and treatment to prevent future problems. Both of our chiropodists are educators who have taught in hospitals and provided guidance to various organizations such as the Canadian, Ontario and Peel Region diabetic societies. We believe that prevention is better than a cure. Our Brampton foot specialists have over 40 years of combined experience and are ready to provide a solution to your condition. Schedule your foot examination with our Brampton foot specialists today.

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When Should You Visit a Foot Specialist?

Foot Health Clinic & Custom Orthotics encourages you to get professional medical advice not only when you have foot pain, but also when you’re dealing with the following:

Continuity of Care Essential to Proper Treatment

At Foot Health Clinic & Custom Orthotics, we believe in continuity of care. An in-depth history of the patient’s condition is an essential tool in future treatment. With two chiropodists on staff, there is always someone here and we usually have emergency time available each day. We feel this is a better way to handle patient care, especially for our high risk patients. Instead of visiting a chiropodist who is only available once a week, come see the dedicated staff at Foot Health Clinic & Custom Orthotics.

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